We intend to provide here a collection of online material useful for practitioners of cell image and data analysis.

Data Analysis and Statistics

J.-H. Zhang, T.D.Y. Chung, K.R. Oldenburg  "A simple statistical parameter for use in evaluation and validation of high throughput screening assays", J. Biomol. Screening 4: pp. 67-73, 1999

Sam Murphy, Stephen J. Capper, Suzanne M. Hancock, Elaine Adie, Elizabeth P. Roquemore, Molly Price-Jones, Stephen Game and Stuart Swinburne  "Is Z' Factor the Best Assessment for the Quality of Cellular Assays Delivering Higher Content?"SBS 2003 poster P01005 (this poster won the Best Poster award at the 9-th Annual Conference of the Society for Biomolecular Screening in 2003).

Casey Casaes "IC50 Determinations, Statistical Analysis, & Applications", Data Analysis and IT Special Interest Group, SBS 2003

Elizabeth P. Roquemore, Stephen J. Capper, Lynne Smith  "Extending QC Metrics for Application to Screens Employing Image-based Cellular Assays"SBS 2004 poster P11018.

Ilya Ravkin  "Quality Measures for Imaging-based Cellular Assays"  SBS 2004 poster P12024, or an expanded version in slide format.

Eli Lilly & Co. and NIH Chemical Genomics Center Assay Guidance Manual

Image Analysis


Plate Properties

Mark Campion, Ahmad Yekta, Zahra Masoumi, Daniel J. Collins and Joseph Masino  "Using IN Cell Analyzer 1000 to Characterize Flatness of Plate and Well Bottoms" SBS 2005 Poster P02011.