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Field: Image analysis, computer vision, high-content cell analysis, statistical data analysis, microscopy automation.

Recent consulting projects:

Object and face detection and tracking in security videos with emphasis on knives and guns.

Image and data analysis software for image-based droplet digital PCR.

Image analysis and data extraction for highly multiplexed DNA/RNA tests in detection chambers, including analyzing
and registering sequences of images of probe arrays from real time PCR and DNA hybridization and subsequent
statistical and model-based analysis of amplification curves.

Software for slide scanner for Digital Pathology: identification of scan areas from the whole-slide image, focusing and
focus map for scan areas, flat-field correction, global contrast and color enhancement, stitching of high-resolution

Software for decoding and fluorescence measurement of BioCode particles in Array Tape format.

Software for finding fetal cells in maternal blood prepared in suspension using custom illumination in transmitted light
and multispectral fluorescence.

Software device drivers for micro-manager microscope control system for thermo-cycler, filter wheel, focus drive,
scanning stage, LED light source.

Software for image analysis and feature extraction of fluorescent lateral flow immunoassays.